Still here....

It's been a while....
I've had visitors from abroad staying with me which was just wonderful. It's always so nice to have friends come over whom you don't see very often.
And I'm way behind on waxing, glazing and firing for my first ever open studio next weekend.
Nerves are kicking in a bit, but they are the good ones. :-) I'm  exited to show my passion and work to others but as I said, much work to be done!
I will post pics after the 'big event'.
I wish you all a good weekend and I'll chime in again in a week or two.

Happy potting!

Blessed be,



Hi Pottery lovers,
Sorry, my last post is in Dutch for al my dutch friends.
It's an invitation (or was that obvious? :-) for an open studio.
So if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Amsterdam you're more than welcome!
Until the next post on pots, potting and it's challenges and solutions..!!
Happy potting and blessed be,