Can I join in?

Hello al you potters out there in Pottery-Blogland!

I've been having so much fun reading your blogs and I find myself inspired by the work of so many of you. But the best thing about al you potters in blogland is the nice community you have created with each other!
I've been seriously digging in to clay for 3 years now, mainly hand-building Udu drums and other musical instruments.
I only started throwing on the wheel last year and I'm hooked!
I'm not nearly as experienced as many of you but I'm learning.... :-)

So I've decided to create my own blog and hope to come in contact with you potters out there to learn from you and to talk pots! I haven't found a community in The Netherlands yet (on or of-line) and my friends and mum are getting bored by my talking about clay....*sigh*....they just don't understand. :-D

So here's a short resume, in fact, very short, due to a computer-crash I have lost a lot of pictures and off-course those were the best pieces!!!!

First there are some Udu drums and a Marimba, to bad the pictures of my doumbeks are lost....
Then some of my wheel-throwing experiments.

If you have any tips or comments please do so, but please be kind....... :-)

Love to hear from you!!

blessed be,


Here's an Udu with an Aboriginal inspired design made by carving and inlaying slip.

Here's a 'big mama', boy i wish you could hear her......

This is a smal Marimba, she sounds soooo sweet!
Someday (when I can leave the wheel for a while) I want to make a bigger one, maybe with two layers.

A ceramic drum inspired on a Tongue drum.

Unomi-like teacups, bone dry, waiting for a glaze.
I am in fact firing right now, my second ever tests with making my own glazes!!!
very exiting, I'm hoping my old kiln will work; had to replace the element last week, I really, really hope to get to stoneware temperature finally!!!

Some incense burners, also waiting for a glaze.....

My second ever two piece pot!! (no, will not show you the first one, hehe)
I'n not very happy with it, the neck is to wide but I'm getting there...!

Bowls neatly stacked....