New plugs

OK, new and better plugs should do the trick according people who know about electricity.
The kiln is firing a bisc now, hopefully all goes well and I can go back to testing my ashglaze recipes!

Fingers crossed!

Happy Easter everyone and don't eat to much chocolate!

On the other hand, I received an email the other day from a friend witch had a quote (don't remember from who) " No matter what, chocolate is the answer". So dig in!!!  


Hannah said...

Hi again,
You might like these two books:
Pot Sierlijk form the open air museum in Arnhem, it's an old book but I got it in a second hand shop in Arnhem, there must be more around.
"Festtagsschusselm vom Niederrheim" this one is from the museum Burg Linn.
Both have fabulous pictures of historic pots, some lovely lovely things to see.

Nu Kua said...

Hi Again and thanks again!!
a Dutch and a German book for me to go and look for....:-)
It's sooo nice to have found you al in bloggerland!

I had heard of Niek Hoogland, he is one of the few well known potters in The Netherlands.
to bad he lives on the other side of the country for me..
i will email him with some of my questions.

Happy potting!

blessed be,

Undaunted said...

No! No chocolate for me! My husband Scott said that if I want a kiln I have to give up chocolate! As much as I love chocolate, it's a small price to pay for a kiln!