Some fun things I did:

Linda from Blue Starr Gallery inspired me with her pedestal bowl, thanks Linda!
Here's my interpretation, to me they look like offering bowls ore something like that.
There a bit goofy and make me smile!

Then there's my fascination with Celtic art and knot-work.....
A couple of years ago I was completely 'into' drawing Mandala's and celtic knots.
I made pencil drawing after pencil drawing and loved it!
I don't have to many pics of them but here are some:

Pencil drawing (base chakra)

This is a detail of the acrylic painting from my last post.

Another pencil-drawing

Heart chakra

It's fun for me to look at them again and remember how I enjoyed spending hours and hours on the drawing and coloring of them, very meditative!

pencil, top chakra


Now I'm having fun with them again with clay.
Here are my experiments on tiles:

red clay with black slip and painted with blue slip and then carved

red clay with white slip and colored slips and carved

red clay with colored slips and carved

red clay with black slip and colored slips painted on, then carved

intertwined hearts

Celtic fish

Carved key-patterns

The next ideas rolling around in my brain are celtic knots drawn with glaze-pencils.
But then I'd have to have fired tiles right?
Has anyone ever tried glaze-pencils on leather hard clay?
I guess I'm going to try..... haha

Bye for now, have a good week and smile as often as you can! :-)

Blessed be,


Linda Starr said...

Oh I love your pedastal bowls, those are great especially since they are altered. Now you have really been busy with the celtic knots. I have to go back and read how you accomplished them, they are exquisite, can't wait to see them fired. that's a whole lotta carving you have done, the lines are great.

ang said...

very cool tile deco work!! yes the UG pencils i used worked better on dry clay pre bisque than on bisqued ware give it a go you'll soon find out... :))

Linda Fahey said...

Wow! Love this site and glad I found you; or you found me? thank you~!

and the celtic patterned tiles are wonderful.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Absolutely beautiful work. Love the carving you've done. Wishing you a good week, as well.

Nu Kua said...

Thanks Linda, well, the firing of these is he challenge wright now. :-)

I'll give it a try Ang, hadn't thought of the bone dry state, thanks!

I guess we found each other Linda! :-) Love your blog, you have the gift of putting things (art and pictures) together so well, I've enjoyed scrolling throuh your posts!

Thanks Therea, I'm having fun with these!

Undaunted said...

Wow, these pieces are amazing! All of them! What have I been missing?? I need to check in more often! Wow. Just wow. You are one talented lady! :)

Nu Kua said...

Gee, Thanks Linda!
Good to see you're back in 'blog-land'.