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Here are some pics from the latest firing in my tiny kiln.
Ashglaze is almost there..... more sieving and a little tweaking of the recipe so it will be smoother and just a little less runny....

A clear ashglaze with a swirl of green ashglaze on a plate and the green ashglaze by itself on the unomi.

Here'e one on witch I experimented with combining a commercial glaze with my ashglaze.

Tenmoku with ashglaze on a small budvase, breaks into blue where thin.

A birdhouse, this one is earthenware and has a commercial glaze.
When I bought my second hand wheel I also got a bunch of left over glazes, just thought I'd use them to empty the buckets. :-)

Wish you al a beautiful sunday evening!

Blesses be,



Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Your work is sooo awesome! I love your ash glaze.
I have to take a photo of the bird houses I made last week. They are very similar to yours. Another case of great minds :)

Undaunted said...

OOh, I love the third one down!

I know absolutely nothing about ash glazes or mixing my own glazes. I just use commercial ones because I'm too scared something will go wrong!

Nu Kua said...

Hey Great mind! :-)
Thanks, and i would love to see your birdhouse too!
if you're interested in de ashglaze i can give you the recipe, just send me a comment.

Hy kiln buying lady!
you did it!
Have you fired it yet?
couldn't help but chuckle when i saw the pictures.... sorry....
hope to see some fired work soon!

I haven't touched anything in my studio for a week, having a bit of a break but as of tomorrow I'm back in there!

Kim Hines said...

i like the birdhouse too, been thinking of making some, is the roof attached? i'm trying to figure out how to make one that can be cleaned out. guess i should just experiment a bit and see what i can come up w/.

Nu Kua said...

Hey Kim,

The birdhouse is thrown up side down, for the roof I leave some extra clay on the bottom and push in to start pulling the walls a little bit above the bottom (I hope this sounds understandable, hehe)
I 'stole' the idea from somebody who made a vid on throwing it this way on you tube, I don't remember who though.... maybe search you tube on 'birdhouse'?

to clean out the birdhouse the best you can do, i am told, is after breadingseason (duh?!) to burn it clean with a match. This way you also get the bugs out.