Thanks for your comments!

The comments are very much appreciated as I am sometimes feeling somewhat lonely in my struggles (and successes!).
So thank you very much!
Right now I'm recovering from more failures in my glazing experiments this last weekend and still have no clue why my kiln just shuts itself of.
This time it didn't even make it to 1180C!
So I'm sulking a little bit more today and tomorrow I'll probably find out that it's not all that bad and find my energy again.
That's why there is only text today, pics later in the week....

Hi Michael,
I play the tongue-like drum both with my fingers and with a mallet (not at the same time though, hehe).
however, I made a soft mallet to avoid the tongues from breaking. I created the top of the mallet with several layers of chamois... nice and soft but gives the sound just a little more power than when you play it with your fingers.
I would love to let you hear it but I have no idea how and have no equipment to do that.
It has a more 'metalic' sound than an original tongue-drum made from wood.
It also seems to be important that the drum sits as free as possible, I usually put it on/in a ring of foamboard (as the bottom is rounded) so the sides are free to let as much vibration as possible go through the drum.
Do you have any pics of your dumbeks? I'd love to see them!

Hi Tracey,
Thanks and I will try that glaze tip you gave me!

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by. Those are the pieces I love best too!

Hi Undauted,

Isn't it fun, the sgrafitto?  :-)
And yes, I am enjoying experimenting very much! I think it's in my nature, as soon as something works out I'll stick to it for a while but at some point I'll start experimenting again.
Although this road is more complicated so I might just stay here for a while, I'm not done with experimenting with glazing in a long while I think!

That's all, now I'm off to read your blogs.. :-D

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becky said...

I can appreciate your struggles & successes... I have yet to be in one place long enough to get my own kiln, but thru classes, often times by the time I get results I like~ the class is over! I liked your "About Me."
I'm trained as a Phys Ther Asst... but have felt a stronger & stronger pull to the arts... especially working w/ clay.