Here's an update on my latest adventures.

These came out of the glazefiring last weekend.
I tested my ashglaze with additions of oxides.
I guess you can tell that I didn't realize how much oxides
can make a glaze very (!!!) 'runny'. :-o

I like the way an ashglaze runs but this was to much to ask for, hehe, there's hardly any glaze left on the rim and a big pool of glaze inside the cup!
I do like the color and don't want to loose the runs.
Does anybody have any suggestions on how to go about this?
I would be very grateful for some tips!

Here's another one with the same problem, a little less bad though.
I really like the color on this one, you can't see it in the picture
but where the glaze is thinner is sort of breaks in to little brown/red spots.
Right now I'm trying these glazes again but have made the glazes a bit thinner.
Hopefully al goes well...... 

Here's a glazetest of another ashglaze but without any oxides, just the ash, clay and Gerstley Borate.
I like the subtle color and runs. It looks more yellow in the pic than it really is....

This is something I didn't expect but I like the surprise!
It's a body for a doumbek, (I will put a goatskin head on it later).
I've had it for a long time, it was bisqfired and just waiting for something...but what?
Then, while glazing I spilled a lot of RIO wich I use to put the numbers on my testtiles.
(I knocked over the bowl, I can be sooo clumsy sometimes, hehe)
I then thought; what tot do with this mess, I soaked it up in a cloth and smeared it on this doumbek body. Later I wiped of the access and covered it with a clear glaze and look what happened!
Looks like the clear glaze did something to the RIO, it just vanished partially!
It has a kind of 'old' look to it now which I like very much.
I think there are ideas bubbling up now...... hmmm... what about other oxides?
More experimenting in the near future!

Are you still here??
I know it's a long post....

Now some pics of my throwing endeavors. 

Small budvases (250 grams)

A plate with (sort of) matching bowl. Oh well, at least the rim has the same deco. :-)

Another 'pair'.

Can't help it, I'm proud of there ones!!

This will be a windchime (after its fired, glazed and assembled...someday....)

These I named 'Tapas bowls', pretty handy for your sauce and little forks or something like that.

You're almost there, just 2 more pics....

Cute little 1 kg planters, I had fun making these! That's the important thing right?
Well, that's it for now.
Any suggestions/comments are very welcome!

I wish you al a beautiful sunday and a lot of happy potting!

Blessed be,



Tracey Broome said...

No clue on the ash glaze, haven't used them, but I have used oxides as a wash on lots of my pieces and I like the look you get. I like a cobalt oxide wash as well. Another fun thing to do that would look good on your drums is to apply a rio wash, then black glossy glaze and wipe it off. The black stays shiny in the cracks and looks great with the rio accent. I like your lidded pieces a lot, very nice.

Kim Hines said...

no clue on the ash glazes either. and i like your lidded bowls too, very nice!

Undaunted said...

Your pieces are beautiful Monique! I especially like the ones with the carved surface texture, and the sgraffito - I really love that sort of thing.

What a shame about your ash glaze! But I expect you are enjoying the experiment?

Monique said...

You go Girl!!!
How annoying is that kiln?!?!?!
It's probably the hard work that it isn't accustomed to!! LOL