Ready for LOTS of pics? (finally...)

Hi there!
Finally I have the time and energy to write a post. The open studio was absolutely wonderful!
Although I didn't have many visitors I did sell my very first pots! The feedback I got was very motivating and I learned a lot during the weekend and the weeks before. It has been a big learning experience and a lot of fun!
I for instance never knew that people won't buy a bowl if it doesn't have a name!
I got questions like; it's a beautiful bowl but what can you put in it? Duh??????
But if I tell people that the little bowls are tapas bowls I see their faces light up and suddenly they appreciate it more.... does anyone recognize this or is it a Dutch thing? :-)

Here are some pics, not all of them yet because I had to resize them (couldn't download them because they were to big) one by one and my old Mac doest that but it takes some time.......
I hope you enjoy the pics and any comments, tips and tricks are very welcome!!

and...uuuhhh.... not spending time on telling you why it took so long for me to post again and no promises for the future! :-D

Two small budvases (250 gr) with a combination of commercial glazes and my own ashglazes.

Mugs made with the same clay and slips but with different transparent glazes.
This one has a commercial transparent glaze....

and this one a 'transparent' ashglaze.... what a difference hey?

Pinch-pots with the same clay and slips and commercial transparent glaze

Some pieces in different clay's and/or slib but all with my green ashglaze.

My best friend stayed for diner so we thought we'd put the bowls in use..... doesn't food just look good on green?? :-)

Jellybeans are so photogenic! 

These is an old piece from last year when I had never seen a potterswheel up-close so this is coilbuilt.

Thats all for now. Back to the clay (not that I'm addicted to it...)

Happy potting everyone!

blessed be,



Tracey Broome said...

Very nice photos! I have seen women stand at my table forever and discuss what the piece could possibly be used for. Just buy it and figure that out when you get home is what I want to scream at them! I like that commercial clear glaze you have, would you mind saying what it is? I am looking for a good clear. If not, that's ok! Nice to see you back in blog land :)

Linda Starr said...

Great layered effect of your glazes, and like seeing the pots in use, my favorite is the blue and tan tea bowls.