some more pics

Now I am sort of back in 'blogland'  and looking at all your beautiful work again I'm almost embarrassed to put my pics on the blog.... Almost because I'm eager to learn!
Looking forward to your feedback.

Here are some more pics of my first ever open studio works.

Mugs....still working on those handles! :-)

More cups/mugs. These were actually glaze tests...sshhh don't tell anyone.....

Cups with my green ashglaze. The color looks different in every picture but this is pretty accurate.

This is a new asglaze, not perfect yet but getting there. I think I have to apply it a bit thicker to get more of those nice drips.

This plate has a transparent ashglaze over a commercial transparent glaze. Turns out it makes opaque blue-ish drips...hmmm,

And offcourse another birdhouse... :-) I so like making them!

I wanted to show you pictures of the set up in my livingroom but the light wasn't kind to the pictures so this is it.
My next post will be on my new infatuation with boxes! 



Linda Starr said...

You have nothing to be embarrassed about with your work, love the glazes. What temperature are you firing to? Compared to your last firing, these look like they could have gone just a bit higher. Love that bird house, how do you hang them? I have made one with a hole at the top and thought I would use a wire to hang it on a branch of a tree.

Acácia Azevedo Studio Pottery said...

I can undertand you, many times I´m very timid to post in my blog. But you don´t have reason to be embarrassed, you have a beautiful work and glazes too! Your mug has a great design. Keep working and blogging ;-) I would like to see more! :-)

Hollis Engley said...

The mugs look good. Keep making pots, it's the only way to get better. And keep wanting to be better. Don't be satisfied.