Something completely different

A friend of mine was going on vacation and needed a new suitcase. To make sure nobody could mistakingly take her suitcase at the airport she wanted to have painting on it. As I have been painting/drawing celtic knot-work for ages and she likes that very much she asked me to paint a simple celtic knot on her suitcase. She wanted this color because the suitcase has a line across the sides in that color (which doesn't show in the picture). It was fun painting again for a change. :-D
I would love to put some celtic knot-work on my clay pieces to but haven't figured out a good way to do that. Any suggestions?


Acácia Azevedo Studio Pottery said...

Maybe I have a sugestion...You could excavate a plaster. The plaster have to be moist. In this way you can print embossed in the clay. Let me know if you have doubt. Thanks for visit my modest blog. Well, we're not alone anymore! ;-)

Linda Starr said...

What a great idea, easy to pick out the suitcase at the airport, great painting too. for transferring slip to clay I once drew a picture, then took an eyedropper and followed the lines on the paper with slip, then I turned paper over onto clay and spritzed back of paper with water and rubbed into clay and the design was transferred to clay, but the lines were not very clear. Now I just paint with colored slip directly onto the clay surface.

Tracey Broome said...

Have you tried Graffito paper? It's like carbon copy paper only with underglaze on it. Very simple to use, put it on your greenware, trace a design on it and voila, you have an image on your clay. It comes in different colors too. If you go to my blog and type in graffito in the search box you may find a post I did on it.

Nu Kua said...

thanks for al your tips ladies!
I didn't know about graffito paper, will have to see if I can buy that here.
I have tried to transfer with slip on paper but I like the lines to be clear.
I have also tried embossing, made stamps and so on but it has not yet worked out the way I would like it..
And yes Acacia, we're not alone!! :-)

Thanks again, it feels good to be blogging again and feel your support!